The BeWell Program

The BeWell – Wellness Program

Plans for a wellness program based on my book, The FLog Journal will begin soon!

Future services in the works:

– Therapeutic Massage
– Cupping
– Hot Stone
– Pregnancy
– Gua Sha
– Acupressure
Mental Health
 – One on One Counseling
– Group Counseling
Food Lab
– Food Prep
– Easy and Fast Meals
– Healthy Kids and Parents
– Cabinet Purge
– Kitchen Stocking
– Grocery Shopping
– Pro-Inflam No No’s
– Non-Inflam Go To’s
Food Rehab
– Sugar Cravings
– Addictions and Habits
– Restoritive and Strength
– Quiet Minds
– Focus and Intention
Muscle Health
– Foam and Ball Rolling
– Balance and Posture
Diabetes Coaching for Families and Individuals
– Kids Eat Your Veggies!
– Re-vamp the Rewards System