Foot Drop 🦶 👎🏾🦿

What is foot drop?

…it sucks is what it is…

But have some info:

Individuals experiencing foot drop may have difficulty lifting, turning, or flexing the foot. Consequently, they may drag the affected foot, trip over objects, misstep, or fall. It’s also common for individuals with foot drop to accidentally smack the ground with the affected foot as it lands while walking. Many individuals with foot drop overcompensate for the loss of dexterity by modifying their typical gait. This may include lifting the leg higher than normal with each step to prevent the foot from dragging or extending the length of stride allowing the heel to land before the front portion of the affected foot. This phenomenon is known as steppage gait and, over time, this gait abnormality can potentially cause other complications and injuries.

So here I am getting my own custom AFO!!!

Yes, it’s my little blessing. I hope to walk much farther but time and practice will tell!

#afo #dropfoot #foodallergies #foodsensitivities #theflogjournal #MS #multiplesclerosis @humandesigns

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