On the rebound? Let’s give rebounding a new meaning.

JUMP! JUMP for lymphatic drainage. Just bounce around – DANCE around and you’ll be encouraging lymph to move through your body on its way to detoxification.

Got a trampoline? That works even better and you’ll be burning calories at the same time.

10 minutes a day or do what you can handle safely. Include it into your existing workout routine.

Other ways to drain is drinking plenty of water, getting massages and eating a diet with a low toxicity level.

Wait, what is lymph you ask?
Via the lymphatic vessels, fluid travels around your body. Valves function as ‘stops’ to ensure fluids are carried to the right place and don’t move the wrong direction. Besides your lymph vessels and nodes, your lymph system includes several organs such as your tonsils, spleen, thymus, and adenoids.

Your lymph nodes are another important part of your lymph system. They are found in a variety of areas of your body, including by your throat, groin, armpits, chest, and abdomen.

When you come in contact with microbes, bacteria, or toxins, they make their way into your body and the lymphatic fluid. Once the fluid makes its way into your lymph nodes, these organisms get trapped and your immune system can attack and destroy them. Inside the lymph nodes, these harmful organisms are filtered out and white blood cells are created to protect your body.

Your lymph system also helps to keep bodily fluids in balance. Your lymph system takes care of any fluid build-up or swelling due to injury or health issues. (Dr. Jockers)

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