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Crustless Apple Goodness

“When you need a smackeral of something. “
-Winnie The Pooh

Heres a simple recipe for your oven or air fryer. I use my air fryer, so these instructions are for that.

Granny smith apples – 1/2 apple shopped per bowl (Ramekin)
Coconut butter – 1 tsp per bowl
Maple Syrup – 1 tsp per bowl
Cinnamon – 1 tsp per bowl

Cook manual 370 degrees 15 minutes – You should be able to fit 2-3 bowls in your fryer depending on size.

Crustless little green apple pies in the air fryer. Can’t get enough of the air fryer creations!

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An auto immune warrior fighting the battle to keep myself healthy! Auto immunity will NOT get me down. Multiple sclerosis: get out! The FLog food journal is created from my journey to fight with faith on my side.

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