Thoughtful, and yet?

Day 3 and started on the weekend for the triple S cleanse. *SMOOTHIE * SALAD * SOUP*

Day 1. Failed with a few leftover corn chips and a RX bar I just HAD to finish 😤

Day 2. Does Vodka count?

Day 3. This picture.

Although my husband was thinking super cute thoughts (sabotage).

I do not think Made Good bars are a smoothie, salad or soup dear husband. MadeGood 🤤

He left one out for me and locked up the others until 8pm. 6 hours of pure TORTURE!! Well, at least I won’t be home to stare at the lock safe until later tonight.

Thanks husband, you had the best of intentions. 🤭

Wish me luck tomorrow, – oh and that I leave some bars for tomorrow. Then again my logic says, “Just eat them all tonight and avoid temptation tomorrow! BEST IDEA EVER! Right? 😬

Yes, my kitchen needs a food safe. Best purchase. Got it on Amazon!

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