Big Change!


As of now I have renamed and repurposed the “InnerAIP’ (Paleo) logo/Insta which was my first Instagram before my book, to “InnerAIP” (Pegan)

What does this mean? Vegan AND Paleo (It’s a thing!) 😲

With my personal experience using first the auto immune paleo approach to diet – which was successful in starting my healing process from auto immune disease – it was not a sustainable way to diet after about 1 year.

I found eating an animal protein heavy diet eventually added more pounds and fat than I would have been comfortable with on my body. Also my intestines did not handle it well and eventually caused constipation. (Check out that story in my book: “The FLog Journal”. On Amazon or see additional ways to buy at

My body was and is happier eating a mostly plant based diet, digesting my food is no problem and I keep a leaner body (in progress.) Clean/organic forms of animal can be beneficial but does not need to be consumed often.

Check out this great article:

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