Hot Vs. Cold

So glad I live in SoCal! Snow and cold–I think no!

Although, I also live where it gets hot. ☀️ vs. ❄️ People might know individuals with multiple sclerosis can’t stand the heat and their individual symptoms are accentuated when over heated. It is also common to assume those afflicted people would do better in the cold.

But, actually it is a problem the nervous system has with temperature control in general.

In the photo I am watching my husband play ice hockey up in the stands. If I was at an outdoor event in the heat I would be effected in a similar way when it comes to walking out of this event.

My left leg has been effected by the myelin damage MS can cause. My left knee wobbles and is unstable–making it dangerous to get up and down stairs. I am also freakin’ freezing!

The same sad things would happen in the heat as well accept I’d be fatigued instead of freezing.

It’s never a pity party that a person with MS wants, but rather understanding and assistance when needed. 🙂🙃

Mild temperature months are my favorite! 75 degrees is my dream!

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