5 Gut Nourishing Foods

5 Gut Nourishing Foods 🥬🍖

Dandelion Greens

Dandelion greens may improve gastric motility in your body. This means that they may help the rate that food passes through your stomach by increasing pressure within the stomach and relaxing the muscles between your small intestine and stomach.

Bone Broth (organic)

It’s one of the best natural sources of collagen, which helps maintain a healthy intestinal barrier. Healthy nails, joints and hair are a bonus!


It’s rich in potassium, fiber, vitamin A, B6, C, and thiamine and it’s also rich in the indigestible fiber inulin that works as a prebiotic to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut.

Jerusalem artichokes

Sometimes called sunchokes, are actually a species of sunflower with a delicious, nutrient-dense, edible tuber. Rich in nutrients such as potassium, thiamine, and fiber. Just like asparagus, they are rich in inulin and helps keep your gut’s microbiome in balance.

Source: http://ow.ly/Cee650xo4Vh?

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