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Hangry on Social Media

Sometimes I have to avoid social media, and let me tell you when it’s a great idea:

WHEN I’M HUNGRY–it just might make me HANGRY!

Ever notice this, especially instagram, that there are so many FOOD pictures! Especially when you follow very specific diet fad pages–who are the worst offenders.

The healthy pages tend to post the most ‘treats’ and even top 8 free pages post sugar in your face all day long.

I think sugar needs to be number 9 on the food intolerance list!

Don’t you, do you feel me here?

Do I sound hangry…? 😳

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An auto immune warrior fighting the battle to keep myself healthy! Auto immunity will NOT get me down. Multiple sclerosis: get out! The FLog food journal is created from my journey to fight with faith on my side.

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