So, why is it we expect most pets to live on a rationed diet, which includes long periods of fasting, but most people can’t stand to miss a meal for longer than 1-4 hours?!?!?

Besides the time allotted for sleep which naturally includes fasting, you can prolong your fast another 6-8hrs by avoiding breakfast (break-fast) while consuming organic black coffee or green tea to assist with your energy needs. Or just keep it water only until your first meal.

People who are healthy enough without causing a diabetic episode or pregnant women should practice a healthy fasting routine.

Here are as few benefits discussed about therapeutic fasting for animals, which is basically the same for people:

During a fast, fat from the body is metabolized and any waste products stored in that fat are released. This includes breakdown products from substances produced naturally in the body which the liver was unable to process at the time, as well as items absorbed from the environment such as insecticides for flea control.

(In addition, if no protein is provided in a modified fast, a pet will metabolize some of its own muscle for its daily protein requirement.)

Toxic Load Decreased

With little competition from substances absorbed after a large meal, the liver is able to fully process the released waste products and excrete them through bile, or release the processed products into the bloodstream for elimination through the kidneys, decreasing toxic load in the body.

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