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Holy crap! 💩 ⬅️🚫➡️🥴Not ALL probiotics are agreeable to being introduced to your microbiome. Perhaps it takes a smaller and less frequent introduction also. Two days in and I’ve been sick both days. Now I know it’s the cause! Don’t be fooled into believing everything with a ‘good for you’ label is actually good for you. Not that I will poo poo (no pun intended) these bugs totally but perhaps I can introduce them once a week—say on a day I don’t work, nor care that my day may be ruined—until my gut community is more agreeable. If that still doesn’t work—then off with you bugs 🦠 ! I’m not having it!

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An auto immune warrior fighting the battle to keep myself healthy! Auto immunity will NOT get me down. Multiple sclerosis: get out! The FLog food journal is created from my journey to fight with faith on my side.

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