Book Excerpt Day!

Book excerpt day! Chapter 1

“After surgery, I noticed that I wasn’t regaining full function of my left leg and riding horses was still difficult. This was supposed to have been an easy recovery, yet something wasn’t right. I kept wondering if perhaps during surgery they had hit a nerve or cut into a muscle they shouldn’t have. I couldn’t walk far in flip flops because my toes didn’t want to hold on to my sandal, and I couldn’t walk far without developing a limp. You know when you shake your foot real fast just out of pure boredom? Well, I couldn’t do that either. It was even difficult to cross my second toe over my big toe. When I told the orthopedic surgeon that my leg was very weak, he just sent me for more physical therapy. I attended the physical therapy sessions, but I still felt that my actual symptoms weren’t being addressed. I appeared strong and capable, so I graduated physical therapy quickly both times. I began to accept, for whatever reason, that my leg was never going to be the same….”



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