Big Fat Truth!

Book except day! Fat you want to cook with and fats to keep cold:

Fats to cook with that are heat stable (Saturated Fat)

Beef tallow or suet

Ghee (oil separated from butter)

Unrefined coconut oil

Palm kernel oil….but in good conscious I can’t say do this because it destroys jungles in Asia!

Cocoa butter

Fats to heat moderately (Monounsaturated Fat)

Bacon fat (lard)

Butter (if you can handle the dairy)

Duck and goose fat

Palm Oil….but like I said…

Chicken fat

Olive (extra virgin) oil

Rice bran oil

Fats to keep cool (Polyunsaturated Fat)

Sunflower oil

Safflower oil

Soybean oil….no!!

Corn oil (maize)….also no.

Hemp oil

Rapeseed oil (canola)

Peanut oil….just say no!

Sesame oil

Cotton seed oil

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