Birthday wine fun! Even on a trip my FLog comes along!

Love my friends, who joined me for my annual wine tasting event. This time we went to Temecula California. Just two hours south/east from my home of Los Angeles. It was so beautiful and awesome, could have been a little warmer but definitely beats the summer temps of 100+ degrees!

Well, of course it’s alcohol that I don’t partake in too often and of course it’s restaurants and food that I need to navigate.


  • No matter what choices you make always FLog it. Always log your symptoms and reactions. Don’t miss a beat to be aware of your body.
  • Google the near by food establishments, now a days its possible the location your visiting has had a growth in businesses that are more aware of food sensitivities and allergens. You may find the perfect places to eat. Ate the BEST #glutenfree muffin at E.A.T. Marketplace in Old Town Temecula and ordered our picnic lunch.
  • Wineries and breweries are included in your search. From gluten free alcohol options and organic wines.
  • You may make a FLogFail mistake, but you have every chance to make the next choice the right one.

So I may have drank a bit of wine, ate some french fries and gluten free pancakes…BUT I made sure the fries were fried in the less terrible canola oil instead of soy and the pancakes contained rice and corn four. These days those ingredients don’t give me a skin rash like they used to and I for sure won’t let those ingredients stress my body often. In fact rarely!

Choose non to less evil ingredients if you can tolerate them on your trip!

The FLog Journal is launching summer 2018 and then you can FLog with me everyday! Become a FLoggie on facebook CLICK:

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Aren’t we cute? This is less than half the group! @lorimarwinery

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