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My journey to better health was when I knew that disease was not for me, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2013. MS had done damage to my brain and spinal cord affecting the left side of my body. My left leg couldn’t get me traveling very far or for very long. I developed a tremor in my left arm and could not hold my bladder well when the urge came to use the bathroom fast. I was told to not drive long-distances or in poor conditions because my brain was a poor multitasker.

This all made me very determined to find healing naturally. Maybe the damage done will be very slow to reverse but every day will be an opportunity to do just that. So I will drive responsibly, always go pee before I leave somewhere, continue physical activity my body can manage, ride horses which is my passion and therapy and continue to thrive, heal and spread the word that a diagnosis or even pain, depression or hopelessness is not my story and it doesn’t have to be yours!

The FLog was developed because of my journey. There are many out there like me who have conquered sickness through an anti-inflammatory life style. It can certainly be done in many ways and I invite and challenge anyone sick or well to FLog and learn their body’s unique language.

Angela Landeros


4 comments on “The Author

  1. saved my life

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  2. theflogjournal

    Lindy, you had the drive and passion to experiment with your health to allow your body to better respond to your back injury! Brilliant! Food CAN do good or bad and you’re choosing good!

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  3. Cheryl Dorsey

    After I was diagnosed with MS last summer, I was determined to do everything I could to preserve and improve my health! I immediately made dramatic changes in my diet and self-care. The FLog Journal is motivating me to stay on track and to get a clearer understanding of how my diet, sleep, exercise, etc. choices are impacting how I feel each day and my ability to live life to the full! Thank you, FLog!

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